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Welcome to U of T’s communications revolution

Paul Fraumeni

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 After 16 years, this is the last issue of Edge.

While this is the end of a terrific run of this magazine, it is the beginning of a new era in how U of T communicates with the world. That’s because it is not an exaggeration to say that global society is in the midst of a communications revolution. And that same revolution is happening at U of T.

Over the past couple of years, U of T President Meric Gertler has spearheaded a university-wide initiative to enable the university to tell its story more effectively.

Among our first steps was to recruit U of T’s first-ever Vice President, Communications – David Estok, a veteran Canadian journalist (Hamilton Spectator, Maclean’s) and communications executive (Western University, SickKids Foundation).

David is heading up a new division called University of Toronto Communications (UTC). Our new team is the integration of three existing U of T groups. And we have a new mission: to shake up the traditional ways we have told the U of T story.

We’re beginning by launching a new U of T website ( this spring that includes an improved news site and a feature story site called U of T World.

As for Edge, thanks to our tremendous researchers and a stellar group of writers, editors, photographers, artists and web developers. Special thanks to the people who worked with me to guide Edge: Vice Presidents Heather Munroe-Blum, John Challis, Paul Young and Vivek Goel and colleagues Sue Bloch-Nevitte, Hal Koblin, Althea Blackburn-Evans, Jenny Hall, Anjali Baichwal, Susan Murley, Natasha Smith and our designers, Jim Ireland and Dean Mitchell and his team at Fresh Art & Design.

Thanks again for reading. Remember: follow U of T at – because, as we’ve shown you with Edge, U of T has an important story to tell.

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Paul Fraumeni
Editor, Edge
Executive Director, Digital Creative Services
U of T Communications