HADI & MARWAN ALADDIN, alumni, Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Companies and academic institutions today conduct most of their business electronically. From employee training programs to student grades, these organizations use a variety of internal platforms to move, manipulate and assess information—and they spend billions monitoring and converting reports from different platforms into meaningful information they can act on. What’s missing is a central hub that would link different platforms and reporting tools in an organization to intelligently analyze
the data and convert it into outcomes and actions.


CoursePeer, a U of T start-up that provides training, collaboration and assessment software solutions, has also developed an interface that aggregates, analyzes and organizes data from multiple sources into a single, user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed and shared by different users in an organization. Clients use the dashboard to manage their own data from diverse platforms—including CoursePeer’s own solutions. The technology allows clients to transform data into outcomes and actions. Universities, corporations and governments use CoursePeer to deliver training and to manage performance, credentials and risk.


Brothers Hadi and Marwan Aladdin, both recent U of T graduates and engineering consultants for various Canadian firms, formed CoursePeer with the help of UTEST—the University of Toronto Early Stage Technology program. A joint initiative with MaRS Innovation, the program provides seed money, office space and business strategy support. UTEST advisors helped the Aladdins leverage their seed money to attract government investment. They also received advice and support from professors at U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, which helped them attract academic clients such as Harvard and
Stanford Universities.


Institutions empowered to improve their performance and productivity.


Since the launch of its cloud offering in September 2012, CoursePeer’s clients now include some of North America’s top universities and Canada’s largest airline and flight operations training facilities.

The company is negotiating partnership opportunities with some of the world’s largest publishing groups.

“Our vision is to create a standard protocol that bridges the gap between the different platforms that generate assessment reports.” Hadi Aladdin (left) and Marwan Aladdin (right)
– Hadi Aladdin

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