Implication of the Ontario Provincial Roadmap to Reopen Plan on Research Activities

A message from Professor Lori Ferris, Associate Vice-President, Research (Oversight and Compliance) April 8, 2021 (updated September 10, 2021)

Welcome to the start of a new academic year. Please see the University’s September 9 memorandum, the UCheck website, and the University’s vaccination policies.

At this time, our research spaces continue to be in Step 3 of Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen. This means that 2m physical distancing, capacity limits, and other measures continue to be in effect.

Please stay up-to-date on the University’s COVID-19 General Workplace Guideline (GWG) generally and in the research section for more information.

Face-to-Face (F2F) Human Participant Research (On or Off Campus)

For details on the review processes, please see the Review of Face-To-Face and Off-Campus Research webpage.

For Off-Campus Research (No Face-to-Face Human Participant Component)

Any research done off-campus must abide by the local vaccination policies of the institution/jurisdiction where the research is being conducted. More information on specific vaccination scenarios can be found on the SGS website.

Researchers currently conducting approved field research may continue, as long as they follow all applicable public health directives and safety measures, including all provincial and local directives. If you have any questions/concerns regarding safety while conducting research, please contact

Please note that new proposals to conduct international field research activities must demonstrate why both the research and the travel are essential; for off-campus research within Canada, local/provincial restrictions may apply. All field research activities require approval of the new Face-to-Face and Off-Campus COVID-19 Review Form by Occupational Health and Safety. Detailed instructions on this process can be found on the Review of Face-to-Face and Off-Campus Research page. All researchers are to follow their divisional research recovery approval processes. If approved, please note field researchers must ensure they are aware of and abide by any travel restrictions and local public health requirements at their research host location.