Research Restart Steering Committee

Last updated Friday July 3, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT


The Research Restart Steering Committee is chaired by the Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Compliance and membership includes vice/associate deans/principals research and senior staff from the Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation and university-wide shared services. The Committee will develop university-wide implementation principles and guidance documents in collaboration with the academic divisions. The Committee engages in regular communication and coordination within the university, as well as with affiliated institutions, and ensures the appropriate balance of oversight with decentralized decision making.


Lorraine Ferris, Chair Steering Committee and Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Compliance, Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI)
Christine Allen, Associate Vice-President and Vice-Provost, Strategic Initiatives, VPRI
Stephane Angers, Associate Dean, Research, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Joshua Barker, Dean, School of Graduate Studies & Vice-Provost, Graduate Research & Education, School of Graduate Studies
Rob Batey, Chair, U of T Lab Safety Committee, Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science
Renee Brost, Chief Administrative Officer, VPRI
Judith Chadwick, Assistant Vice-President, Research Services, VPRI
Marc Drouin, Director, Research Safety and Compliance, VPRI
Ramin Farnood, Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Julie Hannaford, Deputy Chief Librarian, University of Toronto Libraries
David Hanwell, University Regulatory Veterinarian, VPRI
Avi Hyman, Director of Academic & Collaborative Technologies, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Bernie Kraatz, Vice-Principal, Research, University of Toronto at Scarborough
Helen Lasthiotakis (Secretariat), Executive Director, Research & Strategic Initiatives, VPRI
Rhain Louis, Manager, Research Oversight and Compliance, VPRI
Liat Margolis, Associate Dean, Research, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
Kelly Metcalfe, Associate Dean, Research and International Relations, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Alex Mihailidis, Associate Vice President, International Partnerships, Division of the Vice President, International
Kent Moore, Vice-Principal, Research, University of Toronto at Mississauga
Derek Newton, Assistant Vice-President, Innovation, Partnerships and Entrepreneurship, VPRI
Marden Paul, Director Planning Governance Assessment, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Michele Peterson-Badali, Associate Dean, Research, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Reinhart Reithmeier, Vice-Dean Research & Innovation, Faculty of Medicine
Stephannie Roy (Secretariat), Director, Strategic Engagement & Office of the Vice-President, VPRI
Ron Saporta, Chief Operating Officer, Property Services & Sustainability Facilities & Services
Vince Tropepe, Vice-Dean, Research & Infrastructure & Chair, U of T Biosafety Committee, Faculty of Arts and Science
Rachel Zand, Director, Human Research Ethics, VPRI