Electrochemical Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Device

The e-AST technology relies on a propriety electrochemical and microfluidic technology that allows for the rapid determination of bacterial drug sensitivity. Concentration of bacteria from a test sample into nanoliter analysis wells enable low levels of live bacteria to be detected without the need for long culture times.  e-AST monitors bacterial viability under a number of challenge conditions and uses electrochemical readout and simple circuitry to provide an analysis of drug sensitivity in 1 hour.


Rapid administration of the correct antibiotic regimen is critical for improving the chance of survival of a patient with a bacterial infection while limiting the further spread of antibiotic resistance. At present, the rapid determination of antibiotic susceptibility is hindered by the requirement that bacteria must be pre-cultured for 2-3 days to reach detectable levels in conventional devices. Microfluidic approaches have accelerated turnaround times to the range of multiple hours, but still-faster approaches are needed for antimicrobial resistance profiles to be clinically-actionable within a single consult. This inventions is a novel device that allows rapid electronic readout of the antibiotic susceptibility profile of a bacterial infection within an hour. The high sensitivity of the device produced by the miniaturized capture compartments enables it to overcome the traditional requirement of a multi-hour cultures step.


  • Provides results faster (1hr) than current solution (2-3 days)
  • Effective with clinically-relevant levels of bacteria, and provides results comparable to culture-based analysis
  • Results available at point of care, and is ideal for decentralized use


  • Granted patent in multiple jurisdictions




Antibiotics , Bacterial detection , Detection Methods , Electrochemical Detection , Microelectrodes , Microfluidics , Point-of-Care

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