iTest: A Turn-Key, Modular, Remotely-accessible Platform for Testing Motors

The invention is a leap towards end-to-end motor solutions, which allows end-users to test motors with a load condition of their own real-world application. This will provide the customer with more detailed and accurate information than what is usually given in the datasheets for motor performance, enabling the user to make a more reliable and efficient decision. When purchasing a motor, drive-system or transmission mechanism, the customer mostly depends on the data graphs provided by the manufactures. If the application that the customer is intended does not run satisfactorily on the motor they have purchased, then the system needs to be returned and the customer needs to wait to receive and test the next motor. This system will save a significant cost of shipping and returning of the unit and the time wasted during the process. The outcome of this project will help motor manufacturers have distinct advantage in their product offering.




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