Micro-nano Manipulation Tools

Intelligent manipulation (e.g., grasping/gripping) of micro- and nanometer-sized objects requires the use of miniaturized micro grippers with integrated force sensors. This invention is a set of gripping devices that are capable of providing multi-axis force feedback to protect the gripper and detect the contact between the gripper and the object to be manipulated, and to provide gripping force feedback during grasping to obtain secured grasping while protecting the object to be grasped. They also include a mechanism for active release of objects via a plunger that are capable of accurate, rapid and repeatable actions for the manipulated object to overcome adhesion forces and land at a desired target location.


P1626, P1579, P1457, P1539


Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles , Precision Instrumentation , Robotics , Sensors & Instrumentation