Robust Floor Detection using Barometer Sensor and WiFi-RSS

Using a smartphone barometer sensor, this technology is able to determine on which floor a user is located. Localization techniques which are based on WiFi-RSS (Received Signal Strength) fail to detect the floor in certain situations such as open areas where more than one floor is visible or when the user is moving up or down in the elevator as the WiFi signal is thoroughly blocked. On the other hand, floor detection techniques which only rely on barometer readings to find the absolute altitude and absolute floor may also fail because of huge variations of the air pressure due to climate fluctuations. With help of sensor fusion techniques, this technology uses the benefits of each technique to robustly find the floor on which the smart phone is placed as well as its vertical speed. As a result, the technology can also detect if the user is taking stairs, escalator or elevator to change the floor




Indoor Localization , Sensors & Instrumentation , Smart Cities , Smartphones

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