How to Submit an Application Through MRA

Who is this for?

University of Toronto (U of T) researchers and their assistants who apply for research funding, including those in the following roles.

  • Professor, Faculty Member
  • Teaching Stream Faculty and Librarians (with approval from Dean and Vice Provost, Faculty and Academic Life)
  • Senior Research Associate
  • Research Team Member

What do I need before I can begin?

To submit an application through My Research Applications (MRA), you require all of the following items.

  • Access to MRA as a Principal Investigator (PI) if you will be the applicant, or as PI Assistant if you are staff and will be assisting the applicant in the creation of the MRA record
  • A valid UTORid 
  • One of the four supported web browsers on your desktop or laptop computer: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (note the MS Edge is not yet supported)
  • A copy of the proposal you will be submitting to the sponsor as it contains key information needed for the MRA record.

Important: Before submitting a funding application to a sponsor, a Principal Investigator (PI) must secure University approval for the proposal through the My Research Application (MRA) system.

Summary Steps

  • Ensure you have access to MRA as soon as you know you need to submit an application.  To do this, log into MRA and check if you see the Applications & Agreements tab listed below in Detailed Steps, Step 2.
  • Log into MRA at least one week before the internal deadline date to create and submit the MRA
  • Once you submit your MRA, it will route electronically to the required internal approvers as determined by the system (Chair, Dean, Hospital VP, or Provost) ending at the Research Services Office or Innovations and Partnerships Office (RSO / IPO)
  • Reviewers will get twice-daily reminders of their review task until they have completed their review
  • You will receive an email from indicating if your MRA has been returned for revisions at any point in the approval process
  • If your MRA is returned, revise and resubmit it
  • You will receive an email from when your MRA has been approved by RSO or IPO
  • Either submit a digital or hard copy to the sponsor
    • Sponsors using online systems: submit your final proposal through their system and RSO / IPO will approve and forward it to the sponsor
    • Paper Submissions: RSO / IPO will sign the application and you can forward the hard copy to the sponsor

Detailed Steps

Log into the My Research system at least one week prior to the internal deadline.

Click on the following links in sequence.

  1. My Research
  2. Applications & Agreements
  3. Funding Applications
  4. Create New Application

You are now on the Identification (first) page of the MRA record.

  1. Complete each page and click on the Next or Previous button at the top and bottom of each page to navigate through the application form. You don’t need to complete the pages in order as long as all the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk) have been filled in prior to submission
  2. The system automatically saves your work as you navigate from one section to another, however, if you would like to close your application before submitting it, click on the Save button to save the contents of the page that is open
    My Research Applications Identification page
  3. If you wish to forward your MRA to a PI Assistant for completion, ensure you have designated the staff person as your PI Assistant and then click on the Send to Assist button at the top of any page. This will send an email alert to your PI Assistant and they will be able to edit your MRA via their own access. You can reclaim the MRA at any time (see step 13, below)
    My Research Applications Send to Assistant button

Complete the following steps to submit your MRA.

  1. Navigate to Submit Application
  2. Read and agree to the PI Undertaking by checking the I have read… box
  3. Click on the Submit button
    My Research Applications Submit Application screen
  4. If your application is missing data, you won’t be able to progress past the Submit page. A red stop sign will appear in the navigation box beside the section that is missing data. Click on the link to this section in the navigation box to see the detailed error message and update as required. Return to the Submit Application page, check the I have read… box and press the Submit button again

    My Research Applications Unable to Submit Message

  5. When your submission is successful, you will see a confirmation page showing the approval path for your submission as well as other helpful information
    My Research Applications Confirmation page

To retrieve an MRA that was closed before it was submitted, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to My Applications under the Funding applications folder (step 3, above) to display all your applications at any stage of development (do not click on Create Application again)
  2. Click on the application you want to access. Note that you can only edit applications that have not yet been submitted or forwarded to a PI Assistant
    My Research Applications Retrieve an Application

Additional MRA Help

Please see My Research Applications & Agreements for links to training opportunities, the user guide, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


  • Provide and facilitate access to MRA
  • Provide training
  • Provide user support via the RAISE Helpdesk

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