My Research Animal Protocols (MRAP)

What do I need before I can begin?

In order to access the My Research Animal Protocols (MRAP) system, you will need all of the following.

  • an MRAP role (see Access MRAP below)
  • an active UTORid
  • one of the four supported web browsers on your desktop or laptop computer: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (note the MS Edge is not currently supported)

In addition to the above, users who fall into the 'High Assurance' group (e.g. animal care committee members or facility staff) also require a One Time Passcode (OTP) token.

Log into MRAP through the My Research (MR) portal.


The University has implemented an automated system for the creation, submission, and review of animal research ethics protocols - My Research Animal Protocols (MRAP), within the My Research (MR) system. In MRAP, the research protocol flows through a defined review and approval process. It is integrated with the University’s HR system, research funding system, and student information system.

If you are unfamiliar with animal research ethics protocols, please see Ethics in Animals in Research & Teaching.

MRAP enables the maintenance of animal counts per protocol, and tracks the training history of animal handlers. It allows for an easier and more efficient submission process, centralized storage of all documents related to the protocol, and improved capacity to meet tri-agency requirements and other standards.

Faculty who are planning to submit an animal research ethics protocol are encouraged to log into the MRAP system well in advance of the planned submission date to ensure that they have the required access and that there are no problems with their credentials.

The animal research ethics protocol is composed of the following documents created over its lifetime.

  • Original Submission (first submission)
  • Annual Renewal
  • Amendment (change to an original submission or renewal)
  • Protocol Completion Report (PCR)

Each document is submitted through MRAP by the Principle Investigator (PI) and is sent electronically to the Animal Ethics and Compliance Office for assignment to an animal care committee for review. If revisions are requested by the committee, the protocol is sent back to the PI, who can revise and resubmit the protocol within the MRAP system.

Automated email notifications are sent to each person who needs to act on the protocol, e.g. PI Assistants or reviewers. The PI is notified when the protocol is returned to them for revision, and when the protocol is approved.

PIs have the option of creating one of two types of protocols.

  1. A U of T protocol application which receives full review by a U of T animal care committee
  2. A TAHSN (Toronto Academic Health Science Network) protocol already approved at a fully-affiliated institution, in cases where the animal research is performed at one of the university’s affiliated institutions and is funded by a grant administered by the university. This protocol will receive administrative (non-full board) review.

PIs can designate a PI Assistant (PIA) to aid in the completion of the protocol, but will still need to do the actual protocol submission. The PI Assistant can be a U of T staff member, an active U of T student, or a U of T postdoctoral fellow.

The Animal Care Committees conduct the protocol reviews and include faculty, staff, students, and representatives from the external community.

Access MRAP

Role How Assigned Comments
Principal Investigator (PI) Send an email to requesting the PI role for MRAP. Please include your UofT personnel number or UTOR email address.

Must meet U of T’s PI eligibility requirements.

Special approval considered for external PIs

PI Assistant (PIA) Designated by PI from within the MRAP system Can be admin staff, student, or post doctoral fellow
Animal Care Committee (ACC) member Assigned by the system administrator based on a request from the Animal Ethics and Compliance Office Requires two-factor authentication to access MRAP
Animal  Facility Staff Assigned by the system administrator based on a request from the Facility Head Requires two-factor authentication to access MRAP
Other Roles Assigned by system administrator. Contact for more information

Login to MRAP

You can log into MRAP through the My Research (MR) portal.

User Guides & Tip Sheets


Help Desk

Please contact the RAISE Helpdesk for system support or questions regarding access to the system.

User Clinics

MRAP User Clinics are informal and free-to-attend sessions where MRAP support team members are available to help you with your own research protocol.

MRAP User Clinic registrations are managed through EVE, the Centre for Research & Innovation Support (CRIS) registration system. Registered attendees will receive a confirmation email.

Forms & Downloads


  • Provide and facilitate system access
  • Provide training and user clinics
  • Create tip sheets and other user documentation
  • Provide user support via the RAISE Helpdesk
  • Provide OTP tokens for two-factor authentication
  • Perform system administration
  • Work with EASI team on development of system and issue resolution

VPRI Contact


General Inquiries: Animal Ethics & Compliance Unit

Research Oversight & Compliance Office (ROCO)
(416) 978-2798



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