Research Involving Cannabis

What do I need before I can begin?

A University of Toronto Cannabis Research Permit is required before any research with cannabis can be performed under the University’s Health Canada cannabis research licence (including with CBD or THC compounds). This page provides information on how to apply for an internal Cannabis Research Permit.


While cannabis has recently become legalized in Canada for personal possession and use, research with cannabis remains controlled. Any research projects that involve any quantity of cannabis, CBD or THC compounds, including synthetic compounds, requires a research licence from Health Canada.

The University of Toronto has secured institutional cannabis research licences that cover all research projects at the University that have received internal approval. In order to apply for an internal Cannabis Research Permit, please see the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.


  • Approve the use of cannabis for research by administering the University’s internal cannabis research permit program and ensuring compliance with the legal frameworks pertaining to the use of cannabis in research

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