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Review the University of Toronto's (U of T's) Publication Policy as it relates to research activities and research agreements.


The public dissemination of knowledge is a primary function of the university.  All research undertaken at the university should be free of external censorship and restrictions that could ultimately limit public dissemination and the methods of dissemination.

The Publication Policy

The Publication Policy supports many of the University principles on academic freedom, freedom of research and freedom of speech.  These principles are outlined in U of T’s mission statement.

The Publication Policy provides guidance regarding terms and conditions as they relate to research activities and research agreements.  Research sponsors and various research agreements may also contain terms and conditions regarding the publication and dissemination of research results.  For instance, the Tri-Agencies have implemented an Open Access Policy, whereas other agreements may contain provisions granting external research partners the ability to review publications prior to their public dissemination, or request a short-delay of publication to allow for the protection of intellectual property.

Research Agreements

U of T has developed research agreement templates to conform to all application policies, including the Publication Policy.  Requests for the following types of agreements must be submitted via the My Research Applications.

  • Confidentiality or Non-disclosure Agreements (CDA, NDA)
  • Material or Data Transfer Agreements (MTA, DTA)
  • Sponsored Research Agreements

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  • Endorse all research proposals and applications at the university
  • Negotiate and execute all research agreements
  • Ensure all research grants and agreements adhere to University of Toronto policies governing research activities, including the Publication Policy

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