Boards & Committees

Boards & Committees Administered by VPRI

The Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI) is responsible for the operation of a number of boards and committees that enable the University of Toronto (U of T) to satisfy legal obligations and other demands associated with its research enterprise.

Centre for Research & Innovation Support Advisory Committee (CRIS-AC)

The Centre for Research & Innovation Support (CRIS) Advisory Committee provides the Vice-President, Research & Innovation, and Strategic Initiatives with counsel and direction on a wide variety of programmatic matters related to the support of research and innovation at U of T.

Connaught Fund Committee & Review College

The Connaught Fund is an internal program that provides U of T researchers with funding to further their work. The Fund is managed by a committee made up of members of the university’s governing council, senior administrators and other representatives of the university community. The Connaught Review College is comprised of faculty representatives from the humanities, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and the social sciences, who serve as reviewers for applications submitted for Connaught funding.

Research Advisory Board (RAB)

The RAB provides the VPRI with counsel on a wide variety of matters relating to the U of T’s research enterprise. The RAB includes Vice-Principals, Research; Vice/Associate-Deans, Research; and Vice-Presidents, representing all disciplines on all three campuses and the affiliated hospitals.

See the Research Advisory Board page for the Terms of Reference and membership list.

Research Ethics Boards (REBs)

Ethics protocols are reviewed by one of three U of T REBs, based on the departmental or faculty affiliation of the principal investigator, except for the HIV REB. For more information about REBs please see Human Research in Ethics and Teaching and Animals in Research and Teaching.

Local Animal Care Committees (LACCs)

The University has in place two LACCs, which complement and are subcommittees of the University Animal Care Committee (UACC). For more information about LACCs please see Animals in Research and Teaching.

University Animal Care Committee (UACC)

The UACC is responsible for all aspects of the animal research operation at the University’s three campuses. For more information about the UACC please see Animals in Research and Teaching.