Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

What do I need before I can begin?

No information is required to begin. To learn more about EHS programs and services, please visit the Environmental Health & Safety website.

What you need to know

EHS has numerous programs and resources spanning a multitude of different topics. These programs and resources are intended to support and facilitate research activities as well as to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and legislation.

If your research involves the use of hazardous materials, you may need the following.

  • Permit/license to meet federal or provincial regulations
  • Research staff to complete the medical surveillance program, if applicable
  • Research staff to complete relevant health and safety training

EHS staff can assist you with evaluating your research project to ensure all applicable permits are obtained and required training is completed.

About EHS

EHS has a broad mandate across the three campuses with the goal of ensuring and facilitating a safe environment for all employees, students, visitors and contractors who participate in our community and frequent our spaces.

EHS accomplishes its goal by being proactive in identifying risks and emerging issues and by developing and implementing innovative, practical and sustainable processes to manage them, including training and awareness, teaching, provision of expert advice, emergency response and assurance.

Through close collaboration with all members of the University community, we establish and maintain health and safety systems that are widely acknowledged to be of excellent quality and that, while not limiting or impeding academic freedom and freedom of research, maintain a high level of safety.


To provide environmental health and safety services to the University related to the following topics.

  • Chemical and laboratory safety
  • Biosafety and biosecurity
  • Radiation safety (radionuclides, lasers, x-ray, UV, EMF)
  • Cannabis Research
  • Field Research safety
  • Occupational hygiene and safety
  • Occupational health and medical surveillance
  • Incident / accident reporting
  • Environmental compliance

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Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
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