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What do I need before I can begin?

To submit a complaint, you must first:

How to Submit an Allegation

Formal allegations of research misconduct may be submitted by email (preferred) or mail.

To submit an allegation by email, please send it to with the subject line “Research Misconduct Submission.” Ensure that all available corroborating documentation is included in your submission, as well as your contact information so that the University can get in touch with you to follow up if required. Please do not copy other offices at the University on submitted allegations; the Research Oversight and Compliance Office is responsible for administering the Framework to Address Allegations of Research Misconduct and will coordinate any necessary involvement of other University offices.

To submit an allegation by mail, please address the letter to:
Professor Lori Ferris
Research & Oversight Compliance Office (ROCO)
McMurrich Building, 12 Queen's Park Crescent West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5S 1S8


When a formal complaint is received, the Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Compliance works with the senior administration of the appropriate faculty to determine the jurisdiction for the complaint. Jurisdiction is normally determined by the academic division where the respondent holds their primary academic appointment.

The Research Misconduct Framework Addendum provides a process for determining institutional jurisdiction over research misconduct complaints made against those at affiliated institutions such as hospitals.

All allegations of research misconduct are adjudicated according to the University’s Framework to Address Allegations of Research Misconduct. The Framework prescribes a two-step process, with an initial Inquiry conducted by a faculty member and, if warranted, a full investigation conducted by a committee of three faculty members (including one member external to the U of T).

Note that anonymous submissions of research misconduct may only be accepted if they contain sufficient information to enable the assessment of the allegations. Please refer to Section 5.2 of the Framework for more information regarding anonymous allegations.

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  • Help manage allegations of research misconduct by working with the appropriate divisional senior administrator, in accordance with the prescribed processes and timelines detailed in the Framework
  • Support the work of the inquiry administrators and investigating committees as required

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