Animal Care Committees

What do I need before I can begin?

You plan to submit or have submitted an animal use protocol (AUP).


All research and teaching involving animals is governed by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). University of Toronto (U of T) holds a Good Animal Practice (GAP) certificate from the CCAC and is in good standing with Animals for Research Act requirements.

The U of T Animal Care Committees are responsible for promoting best practices and ensuring that federal and provincial requirements are met or exceeded in order to safeguard the welfare of animals used in research at U of T.

U of T University Animal Care Committee

Oversight of the Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP) at U of T is through the University Animal Care Committee (UACC) and the Research Oversight and Compliance Office (ROCO). The UACC reports to the Associate Vice-President, Research Oversight and Compliance. The UACC is charged with setting the policies, guidelines, and standard operating procedures which govern the use of animals in research at U of T. 

The UACC is comprised of a Chairperson, Animal Ethics and Compliance Unit staff, animal facility veterinarians and managers, Local Animal Care Committees (LACC) Chairpersons, at least one graduate student representative, and at least one community representative. The UACC meets quarterly to discuss institutional standards, the process of protocol review, researcher and staff training, and other matters as they apply to animal use in research and teaching at U of T.

U of T Local Animal Care Committees

As subcommittees of the UACC, U of T has in place two LACCs: the Health Sciences LACC and the Biological Sciences LACC. The primary responsibilities of the LACCs are the following.

  • To oversee the local animal care and use programs, including the state and operation of the individual animal research facilities
  • To resolve identified compliance issues
  • To perform ethics review of all animal use protocol (AUPs) for the research and teaching involving animals within the program

The LACCs are comprised of the following members.

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairs
  • Animal Ethics and Compliance Unit staff
  • Animal facility veterinarians and managers
  • Faculty members
  • Graduate student representatives
  • University staff not involved in animal use in research or teaching
  • At least one community representative

The LACC meets monthly to review protocol submissions, discuss veterinary and operational happenings, and other matters as they apply to animal use in research and teaching at U of T.  The LACC has the ability to cease any research causing unnecessary pain or suffering.

If you are planning to submit an animal use protocol, renewal, or major/minor amendment please see Protocol Submission Deadlines & Who To Submit To (Animal Research & Teaching).


  • Coordinates the development of all policies, guidelines, and SOPs relating to animal use through the UACC
  • Coordinates the ethical review of all AUPs through the two LACCs

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