Visiting / Collaborating Scientist Agreement

What do I need before I can begin?

Visiting/Collaborating Scientist Agreements

Visiting scientists and any individuals collaborating with organizations outside of the University of Toronto (U of T) should be aware of the following agreements.

  • Visiting scientists must ensure they abide by the practices and policies of U of T and the laboratory in which they will be working
  • Intellectual Property (IP) developed under a Visiting/Collaborating Scientist Agreement may also be subject to third party obligations under a separate sponsored research agreement.
  • Visiting scientists should be aware of U of T’s Inventions Policy, which may apply to the research they conduct while at the university.

In the event a U of T scientist is visiting another institution, please provide the Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) with any draft agreements provided by the host institution

Submit a Request for a Visiting/Collaborating Scientist Agreement

All IP agreements must be reviewed by IPO to make sure they comply with U of T policies before they are sent to the third party.

To request a Visiting/Collaborating Scientist Agreement, please complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the MR Research web portal using your UTORid credentials
  2. Click on Applications and Agreements in the top toolbar
  3. In the left navigation bar that appears, click on Non-Funded Applications, then Search or Create My Agreements
  4. Click the blue Create New Agreement button in the top right corner of the screen. Select Visiting Scientist IP Agreement from the drop-down menu and click Create, then follow the on-screen instructions

Please refer to the following resources for additional assistance on submitting a request.

Once IPO has received the above information, they will initiate the negotiation process using the standard university Visiting/Collaborating Scientist Agreement template. IPO will contact external parties well in advance of the proposed visit. Scientist visits both on and off site should only occur once an agreement has been finalized by IPO.

The visiting scientist must be made aware of the terms of research agreements associated with their projects.

Confidential Information & Intellectual Property

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  • Review the Visiting/Collaborating Scientist Agreement and other applicable agreements
  • Ensure appropriate contract terms are negotiated

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