Faculty Award Reporting Form

Have you or a colleague recently received an external honour, prize, award or prestigious fellowship in recognition of your research or innovation, creative professional activity, teaching, or leadership? VPRI and your academic division would love to know!

Please report the award by adding it to a profile in DiscoverResearch or filling out this simple form.

The form may also be used to upload lists of awards to add to or correct data in the VPRI Honours and Awards Dashboard (see VPRI Dashboards).

Note that University of Toronto internal awards and awards from the Tri-Agencies (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) and Canadian Academies (Canadian Academy of Engineering, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and Royal Society of Canada) are tracked by VPRI and do not need to be reported. Canada Research Chairs, Early Researcher Awards and Connaught Awards are also tracked separately.


What's included?

Honours, prizes, awards, and fellowships that recognize research achievement, creative professional activity, leadership or service, and teaching or education received by faculty members during their appointment at University of Toronto. Exclusions include salary awards; operating grants, unless they are nomination-based; visiting fellowships; honorary or administrative positions in academic associations, societies or other universities; unelected fellowships or memberships in academic associations or societies.

What is this information used for?

On DiscoverResearch, this information adds to the completeness of faculty profiles. For VPRI and academic divisions, knowing about awards allows us to arrange timely recognition and communications (see Honours & Awards Recognition), informs us about successes, opportunities and areas of support for honours and awards, and enables more complete analysis of award trajectories for our faculty.