Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

What is equity, diversity and inclusion?

  • Equity is the promotion of fairness and justice for each individual that considers historical, social, systemic, and structural issues that impact experience and individual needs.
  • Diversity is a measure of representation within a community or population that includes identity, background, lived experience, culture, and many more.
  • Inclusion is the creation of an environment where everyone shares a sense of belonging, is treated with respect, and is able to fully participate

It is important to note that while an inclusive group is by definition diverse, a diverse group is not always inclusive. An inclusive university strives for equity and respects, accepts and values difference.

Why is equity, diversity and inclusion important?

Research and innovation that serves a globally diverse world, must embed principles and best practices of equity, diversity, and inclusion. U of T is committed to research excellence and this includes providing a research environment that fosters diversity and produces impactful and socially relevant research that solves the most challenging global problems. Situated in one of the most diverse cities in the world, and hosting some of the most brilliant minds from across the globe, the diversity of both the environment and the research community at U of T have been a significant contributor to the leading international research reputation. Diversity strengthens the quality and impact of research by bringing multiple ideas and perspectives.

What do I need before I can begin?

You do not need to complete any prerequisites to use the information on this page. For additional information on EDI in research and innovation, please visit the VPRI’s EDI website.

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Information on Canada Research Chairs: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion can now be found at Canada Research Chairs.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Innovation

To learn about EDI in research and innovation across the University of Toronto community, please visit the EDI in Research & Innovation website.  This website features the following content.

  • Information on the Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Innovation
  • Updates on EDI initiatives related to research and innovation
  • Resources, tools, and guidelines for EDI in research
  • News and events related to EDI in research and innovation

Information regarding EDI in the administration of the Canada Research Chairs Program at the University of Toronto can be found at Canada Research Chairs.


  • Provide guidance on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives related to research and innovation
  • Support the implementation of EDI best practices
  • Support compliance with EDI requirements for federally sponsored research programs