Research Data & Analytics

What are Research Data & Analytics?

The Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI) provides access to research data and analytics including research grants, awards, and innovations data. It is the official source of research data and analytics for the University of Toronto’s (U of T’s) internal and external reporting.

How can I use Research Data & Analytics?

Research data and analytics can be used for many reasons including the following.

  • Data-informed decision making
  • Preparing annual reports
  • Establishing benchmarking
  • Planning and forecasting

What do I need before I can begin?

No information is required to begin. Please reach out to the VPRI contact listed below if you have questions regarding research data and metrics.


Research data, analytics, and systems are available to all U of T divisions to support the strategic goals of the VPRI and  institutional research data needs. This research data includes analytics on funding from federal and provincial governments; the not-for-profit sector; private-sector partnerships; and national and international research foundations.

Additionally, the Divisional Quantitative Research Strategic Plans (DQRSP) are an established initiative created to foster a culture of excellence in research by the setting of quantitative targets within academic divisions.

Research Analytics Portal

The Research Analytics team within the VPRI provides research data and reports on a regular and an ad hoc basis to all U of T divisions. The Research Analytics Portal website is open to all U of T faculty and staff, who want to learn about the available data and data tools. For ad hoc data requests, a research data request form can be found on the website.

Where to Find Research Data

The following research data and metrics are available to divisional leadership.


1. Funding

Available from VPRI Dashboards

  • Research funding ($) and number of grants awarded by division and unit
  • Total funding ($) and number of grants awarded from sponsors in corporate/private, not-for-profit, and government sectors. Participation rates in Tri-Agency grant applications
  • Total Canada Research Chairs (CRC) eligible funding
  • Research funding ($) and number of projects with hospital partners

Request via Research Analytics Portal

  • CRC Chairs/ CRC $100K Units
  • CRC Chairs- Equity Diversity Inclusion (EDI) targets
  • Average grant size in Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight
  • Canada Council of the Arts grants, total funding and number of awards (coming soon to VPRI Dashboards)
  • Federal Research Support Fund (RSF) data
  • Tri-Agency National Results Dashboards from U15


2. Awards and Honours

Request from Manager, University Awards & Honours (see VPRI contact listed below) or your Divisional Awards Coordinator

  • Total number of external research and innovation awards received
  • Number of external awards nominations submitted


3. Innovations

Available from VPRI Dashboards:

  • Number of invention disclosures
  • Number of patents
  • Number of license and option agreements
  • Number of start-ups


4. Publications, Citations & Altmetrics


5. Public Policy & Thesis Data


6. Research Collaboration Networks

Assess your research networks for number and nature of collaborations. Two types of collaboration networks are described below.

  • Internal collaboration networks show the relationships between a researcher and every other U of T researcher with whom they co-author publications. Networks can also extend to all co-authors of co-authors at U of T.   DiscoverResearch provides information on these U of T internal collaboration networks.
  • External collaboration networks are based on publication co-authors. These networks show how closely our researchers collaborate, through networks of co-authorship, with the most highly cited researchers across the globe in their fields.  Web of Science and InCites provide information on external collaboration networks


Data Analytics Systems

  • VPRI Dashboards are a research data analytics solution, which seamlessly integrates a variety of data sources into one platform. Developed with a user-centric approach, the VPRI Dashboards enable self-service data analysis for data-informed decision making.
  • DiscoverResearch is a new online tool to highlight, celebrate and promote all of our research experts to help spark discovery, connection and collaboration.


The VPRI Research Analytics team provides group and individual training to those who have received access to the VPRI Dashboards and/or DiscoverResearch.


  • Analyze and integrate research data
  • Develop, maintain, and update data analytics systems that curate data from multiple sources
  • Facilitate the integration of grant data administered at the affiliated hospitals in the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TASHN) network
  • Provide data and analytics for U of T divisions and administrative offices
  • Prepare research funding and innovation reports for the U of T’s strategic external partners

VPRI Contact

VPRI Dashboards - Custom Data Requests


Deborah Buehler

Senior Research Information Analyst
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)
(416) 978-4482



Project Manager (OVPRI; TBD)

Project Manager, DiscoverResearch
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)

TASHN Grant Data


Kadi-Ann Hinds

Data Integrity Officer
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)
(416) 946-5416

Strategic Planning & Metric Development


Aurora Mendelsohn

Director, Research Analytics
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)
(416) 978-1706

RSF and CRC Allocations and Eligibility


Wei Xiong

Senior Research Information Analyst
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)
(416) 978-4470

Data Integration & Development


Christine Beckermann

Business Intelligence Analyst
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)
(416) 946-3209

Honours & Awards Data


Sarah Carson

Manager, University Awards & Honours
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)
(416) 978-7905

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