Annual Administrative Accountability Report

What do I need before I can begin?

Annual Administrative Accountability Report forms (AAAR) can be found on the AAAR page. The AAAR that must be signed annually is based upon your role at U of T. 


U of T faculty and staff responsible for the financial management of research funding are required to complete an Annual Administrative Accountability Report (AAAR), which includes a certification that they have managed and administered research funds in compliance with university policies and procedures. It is one of the key accountability mechanisms the university relies on to ensure compliance with its policies. AAARs are also one of the measures the university can use to demonstrate to sponsors specific ways in which compliance and accountability are monitored. 

The university does not, however, provide copies of individual accountability reports to sponsors, unless specifically requested during an audit of internal controls.

More information on financial responsibilities and the AAAR can be found in the Guide to Financial Management.


  • Provide guidance on which AAAR should be signed by an individual

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