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Rapid, remote vital sign monitoring and screening

Based on thermal and optical sensing analysis of digital imaging, this technology allows for rapid measurement of photoplethysmogram (PPG), temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate beyond conventional distance limitations (e.g. at distances more than 1m), with the ability to add other components (e.g. tissue oxygenation and blood pressure) in the future.



Advanced Health Technologies, Covid-19, Remote Monitoring, Patient Care, Biomedical Imaging, Software, 3D Imaging, Image & Video Processing

AI-Powered Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

The platform allows for clinical-grade data analysis from wearable sensors (e.g. smartwatches, mobile devices) through proprietary machine learning (ML)-based algorithms that extract clinically relevant data and filter out unreliable sensor data. This platform can provide real-time feedback on patient health, generate more accurate predictions, and enable actionable insights and recommendations to improve care.



Remote Monitoring, Advanced Health Technologies, Wearable Tech, Health & Related Life Sciences, Software, Companies

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