Implantable Systems for Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Control of Physiological Disorders

Implantable electronic devices capable of multi-channel recording physiological signals, on-chip feature extraction and responsive stimulation for the purpose of monitoring or diagnostics or treatment of various neurological or physiological disorders. The outcome of this device is used to predict/detect onset of a targeted physiological event. Such decision triggers an arbitrary subset of electrical/optical/chemical stimulators back to the physiological system. Alternatively, recorded signals or/and the output of the processing unit could be transmitted to a computer base station using wired or wireless links. Power is provided to all the blocks of this microsystem using wired or wireless (inductive) links.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Chips , Computer Hardware , Diagnostics , Electrical and Computer Engineering , Machine Learning , Medical Devices , Medical Implants and Prosthetics , Microelectrodes , Nanotechnology , Neurological Disorders , Seizures

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