Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

This proposed solution is a portable diagnostic system that allows for contactless monitoring of vital signs outside conventional distance limitations (e.g. at distances more than 0.5m). This powerful tool would allow for the screening of individuals before they come into contact with other individuals, patients, or healthcare workers. It could also be useful in monitoring of hospitalized or potential COVID-19 cases at a distance, reducing the risk of infection while improving productivity and improving timely response.


The researchers have demonstrated an approach of remote PPG (photoplethysmogram), remote measurements of heart rate, and respiratory rate at a distance. Combining their expertise in measuring tissue oxygenation and hemodynamics, respirology and urgent care, and adapting technology to clinical use, the researchers will assemble a working portable system, uniquely optimized for portable rapid screening and treatment of COVID-19 patients, or screening of individuals in public spaces, large events, and workplaces.


  • Seeking partners for co-development or licensing




Advanced Health Technologies , Covid-19 , Remote monitoring , Patient Care , Biometrics , Biomedical engineering , Biomedical Imaging , Biosensor , Software , 3D imaging , Image and video processing

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