Training & Resources

What kind of training is provided by the Division of Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI)?

The VPRI offers a range of training and educational resources to ensure that researchers and staff supporting research are fully aware of roles, responsibilities, and best practices in research and innovation activities.

Why is training important?

Research and innovation activities need to be conducted and managed in compliance with applicable laws, policies, regulations, and sponsor requirements. Training courses can help researchers and their research staff accomplish the following.

  • Carry out research activities compliantly
  • Conduct research safely and effectively
  • Manage research funding according to best practices

What do I need before I can begin?

For researchers and research staff a project plan with a detailed description of your research-related procedures will help determine the training that you and/or your research team will need to complete.

For research administration/support staff a detailed description of your tasks, including software you use, can help determine the most beneficial training for you.


  • Provide training and educational resources relevant to research and research administration activities to ensure compliance, safety, and application of best practices

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