Autoscribe: AI-Powered Voice Assistant for Clinicians

AutoScribe uses hands-free speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence to help reduce time consuming manual clinical documentation, freeing clinicians to place their focus where it should be – on their patients.

Electronic medical records (EMRs) were intended to improve the quality of clinical care and workflow. However, most clinicians dislike using EMRs - studies indicate for every hour spent with the patient, clinicians spend two hours documenting and managing EMRs. Furthermore, many healthcare organizations have hired staff dedicated to EMR data management, increasing costs and impacting patient privacy. AutoScribe addresses this by analyzing the automatically recognized clinical dialogue speech in near real-time. A narrative output and a structured data output are simultaneously generated for the clinician in the EMR user interface and for data analysis in the back-end. Not only does AutoScribe enable clinicians to significantly reduce their EMR use and practice medicine the way it was meant to, it will also unlock the enormous potential of data analytics in healthcare.


Clinical interaction dialogue is ripe for precisely engineered versions of AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP). A successful implementation will be able to satisfy both clinicians’ and health system managers’ expectations of an EMR system, which will have a profound beneficial impact on the quality and cost of care.

  • Clinics that use AutoScribe will provide higher quality care, thereby attracting more patients.
  • Clinicians will be more efficient in their EMR documentation, potentially making for more efficient clinical visits, and will obtain better auto-generated documentaiton than our competitors platforms.
  • The need for human transcribers in many organizations will be minimized.
  • Health system managers will reduce administrative costs as certain billing and quality of cares metrics will be readily calculated.


  • Patent-pending
  • The team is comprised of pre-eminent technical expertise and is led by clinical and health industry leaders who have deep familiarity with the experiences of frontline clinicians and health system managers. We believe that our unique interdisciplinary mix of experts makes us able to design AutoScribe from the ground up directly for clinician and manager workflows, and to address any privacy and security concerns, which will facilitate real-world adoption.

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