Centivizer: An Interactive, Modular Approach to Dementia Care

  • Centivizer is a modular system that physically, cognitively, and socially stimulates individuals with dementia by providing self-initiated, reward-based activities that can be used 24/7 without needing caregiver support.
  • The system can be customized based on individual needs and care settings, and can incorporate games, levers, sliders, reward dispensers, lights and buttons. User data can also be analysed to determine changes in behaviour and the best mix of activities.
  • Centivizer creates gamified activities that reduce physical and cognitive decline, increasing wellness for an aging global population. The company's first three products engage people physically, cognitively, and socially:
    • Braintagger's assessment games provide a detailed profile of cognitive status significantly correlated with the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) and likely predicts cognitive decline. Braintagger is used by researchers in Canada, China, and Japan, and will be installed at three long term care homes.
    • 4VRYoung combines VR with hand and foot pedaling exercises and an intuitive interface. A Toronto long term care home has ordered ten 4VRYoung units for spring 2021.
    • 2RaceWithMe syncs a scenic bike ride to hand and foot pedals, with videoconferencing capabilities. It is being used in three long term care homes, a hospital reactivation centre, and a home healthcare company.


  • Dementia care is labour intensive and psychologically, physically and emotionally demanding. There is an urgent need for non-pharmacological technologies, available 24x7 that reduce the frequency and severity of responsive behaviours without significantly adding to staff workloads


  • The platform has been developed and championed by experts in long term care, industrial design, and applied cognition. It is also backed by strong qualitative evidence based on stakeholder evaluations and user testing.


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