Centivizer: An Interactive, Modular Approach to Dementia Care

  • Centivizer is a modular system that physically, cognitively, and socially stimulates individuals with dementia by providing self-initiated, reward-based activities that can be used 24/7 without needing caregiver support.
  • The system can be customized based on individual needs and care settings, and can incorporate games, levers, sliders, reward dispensers, lights and buttons. User data can also be analysed to determine changes in behaviour and the best mix of activities.
  • There are currently four Centivizer modules:
    • The Experiential Centivizer is a set of 360-degree travel videos and an elder-friendly driving simulator on a large screen where users turn a wheel or move to drive a vehicle or move a joystick to change view point.
    • The Cognitive Centivizer is a tablet-based unit with specially designed games that includes overlaid buttons on a transparent sleeve, and a slider to make play interaction easier. The modified tablet can play stand-alone games and can also work as a remote control for games that are played on a big screen.
    • The Social Centivizer is a chatbot application on a rotary phone that can play voicemail, videos, and photos from family and friends on a large screen.
    • The Physical Centivizer has an arc of five large buttons over a screen. Users can press flashing buttons or pull the lever to play a slot machine game or transform images on a screen


  • Dementia care is labour intensive and psychologically, physically and emotionally demanding. There is an urgent need for non-pharmacological technologies, available 24x7 that reduce the frequency and severity of responsive behaviours without significantly adding to staff workloads


  • The platform has been developed and championed by experts in long term care, industrial design, and applied cognition. It is also backed by strong qualitative evidence based on stakeholder evaluations and user testing.
  • Protoypes have been developed and tested with Toronto Rehab Behavioural Unit and new units will undergo field testing at two long term care centres, serving over 200 patients.


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