High-performance aluminum battery

A novel battery technology comprising affordable aluminum tetra chloride (AlCl3)/alkylamine hydrochloride salt (trimethylamine hydrochloride) as the electrolyte, aluminum metal as the anode, and graphitic (graphene nanoplatelets), and non-graphitic materials (SeS2) as the cathode.

In comparison with batteries employing existing chloroaluminate ionic liquids, the batteries surpass the state-of-the-art in terms of maximum cell-level specific and volumetric capacities, and fastcharging-slow-discharging rate performance.  Because the components employed in this battery are inexpensive, non-hazardous and widely available, large-scale production and application become economically viable.

A wide variety of applications ranging from energy storage in consumer electronics to electric vehicles to grid storage is considered.




, Energy, Battery, Cleantech

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