JALI: Automated 3D Lip Synchronization and Facial Animation

JALI transforms facial animation workflows by combining automation with directorial control.

JALI provides software and services for the complete automation of high end lip sync and facial animation with the option for ultimate animator directorial control. This system delivers the fastest and simplest animation curves providing higher quality and greater efficiency.

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With plugins for Autodesk Maya, Unreal Editor and Unity 3D, this modular solution can be purchased as a suite or custom toolkit, integrates directly into standard and proprietary pipelines and is compatible with most industry typical rigs.

  • jAnalyze takes in any audio .wav and its .txt transcript and creates and accurate alignment.
  • jSync the patent-pending method, originally presented at SIGGRAPH 2016 creates the best lip-sync on the market: Faster, with the lowest processing footprint, and the fewest noticeable errors.
  • jRig turns phonetic speech animation curve output from jSync into FACS action units, and provides interactive control over speech styles like mumbling or shouting. jRig provides an ethnicity and gender morphable FACS-based face rig template that may be used as is, or connected to any custom face rig.
  • JAmbient synchronizes blinks and brows with the aspects of the input speech and text and also creates ambient gaze motion


  • Game developers, digital avatar designers, animated TV and film character animators and production studios achieve a jump start in an industry that increasingly demands efficiency and innovation from production pipelines without sacrificing the quality and nuance of hand-crafted animation.


  • Automatically generate fast, accurate, adaptable, animation curves
  • Audio-Transcript alignment
  • Allows the animator to apply their skill and impress their style on sparse curves, with fewer edits
  • Fast, low processor overhead: Rule-based methodology where a short sequence of conditional statements produces the animation required. No need to set-up or teardown a neural-network, or calculate matrices
  • Easy connection to existing rigs
  • Multi‑lingual support ‑ easily export your products internationally
  • Capable of real-time application


  • JALI’s patent-pending technology – created by an Oscar-winning team with decades of research experience (Pif Edwards, Chris Landreth, Karan Singh & Eugene Fiume) is now available for licensing


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