Quantum-Safe Encryption and Communication

This technology includes a state-of-the-art encryption solution that leverages quantum technologies: Quantum Key Infrastructure (QKI).


  • Provides quantum-safe communication implementable with today's technologies.
  • Eliminates all threats of classical and quantum computational attacks.
  • Is cost-effective, ready today, and has strong demand in many different verticals.
  • Can be used to secure communications (for in-transit data) or secure data encryption and authorization (for at-rest data), including use cases in VPN, cloud data, and mobile communication.


Quantum Computers are developing at an exponential pace. Consequences:

  1. Data encrypted today may be stolen and decrypted tomorrow
  2. The Internet will become increasingly vulnerable and complex
  3. Migration to quantum-safe environments is a long journey that needs to begin now.

The quantum-hybrid security solutions use proprietary hardware and software that are:

  • Information Theoretically Secure (ITS): security is guaranteed even if the attacker has unlimited computing power.
  • Quantum-safe: increases in technological power won't break the protocol, even with the advent of quantum computers.
  • Future-proof: data today are already protected against future attacks.
  • Scalable: more parties can join the network, anytime.



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