Research Administration Training: STAR Program

Who is this for?

The Strengthening Administration of Research (STAR) program is currently aimed at University of Toronto (U of T) staff administering research funds which includes the following.

  • Professor, Faculty Member
  • Research or Financial Administrator

What do I need before I can begin?

You do not need to complete any prerequisites to access STAR resources or to participate in the program.


Rules and regulations governing research and innovation can be numerous, complex, and sometimes difficult to navigate.

In 2015, the VPRI initiated the STrengthening the Administration of Research (STAR) education and outreach program. The goal of the STAR program is to provide educational resources that support the U of T research and innovation community with the following.

  • understanding and successfully navigating all steps of the research and innovation life cycles
  • being aware of the distinct roles of the wide range of people carrying out and supporting research and innovation
  • staying current with relevant processes and systems
  • sharing best practices
  • networking with peers and experts


STAR Events

  1. The Annual STAR conference
    The annual STAR conference is focused on improving knowledge about the administration of research funds. The STAR conference is usually held in February/March at the downtown Toronto campus, Mississauga campus, and Scarborough campus.
  2. The Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Ontario Research Fund (ORF) Workshops
    These workshops cover the best administrative practices at each stage of the award’s life cycle. Workshops are held at various times in response to needs and emerging issues.

Forms & Downloads

You can download copies of the recent presentations and associated resources by clicking on the links below.



  • Provide training and education to the U of T community to facilitate and support successful research and innovation
  • Collaborating with research stakeholders to develop new and effective ways to provide training and outreach

VPRI Contact


Emi Yano

Research Administration Training Specialist
Portfolio Operations (PO)
(416) 978-7004
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