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A Handheld Skin Printer for Treatment of Burns and Deep Wounds

Deep skin wounds, such as those caused by burns, are usually treated by harvesting skin from healthy regions of the body and redistributing them onto the wound area.  However, challenges arise when large areas are affected and donor sites are scarce.  In such cases, the available healthy donor skin is often insufficient for autografting, leaving a large portion of the wounded area either ungrafted, allografted, or uncovered, and resulting in poor outcomes.  Use of regenerative cells and materials are one possible solution, with cells often demonstrating a better outcome.  However, methods to transfer viable cells onto wound areas remain a challenge.



Medical Devices, Biomaterials

Inducing Directed Migration (Translocation) of Neural Cells Using Electric Fields

A clinically-relevant stimulation system can induce directed migration (translocation) of neural precursor cells using asymmetric balanced biphasic electric fields.



Medical Devices, Neurological Disorders, Sensory Systems & Rehabilitation

Selective Enhancement of Electrical Nerve Excitability

Treatment of overactive bladder and other disorders via non-invasive electrical neurostimulation.



Companies, Medical Devices, Medical Implants & Prosthetics, Neurological Disorders, Advanced Health Technologies, Software

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