Toronto Research Data Centre

What do I need before I can begin?

Before you can access the Toronto Region Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (RDC), you need the following.

  • A well-defined research question
  • Experience with large scale datasets and statistical software
  • An approved application (see the section How to Apply for Access below)


The Toronto Region Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (RDC) is a secure computer lab where approved researchers can access and analyze confidential microdata from Statistics Canada surveys and administrative databases, including Census data, General Social Surveys (GSS), and Canadian Community Health Surveys (CCHS).

The Toronto RDC is part of the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN), a group of RDCs that have partnered with Statistics Canada to provide the academic community with local access to Statistics Canada confidential microdata, while ensuring the confidentiality of Canadians’ data. The RDC at the University of Toronto is located on the 7th floor of the Robarts Library.

How to Apply for Access

Before submitting an application for access, we recommend that you check whether your research needs can be met using Statistics Canada public use files (PUMFs) created through the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI). PUMFs and other public use datasets are available to University of Toronto (U of T) researchers at the Map and Data Library.

Researchers need to apply for access to data by submitting a detailed proposal through the MicroData Access Portal. The proposal needs to outline the following information.

  • The data required
  • The statistical techniques to answer your research question


  • Provide information about how to access detailed Statistics Canada microdata files through the RDC program.
  • Oversee the on-site operation of the Toronto RDC in partnership with Statistics Canada.

VPRI Contact


Leanne De Guia

Operations Coordinator
Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (OVPRI)


Sandra Grande

Manager, Budget and Operations, Strategic Initiatives
Portfolio Operations (PO)
(416) 946-4045

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