License U of T Technologies

Who is this for?

Industry and other parties interested in licensing or otherwise using University of Toronto (U of T) technologies.

What do I need before I can begin?

There is no information required to begin. Please reach out to the Director, Innovations at 416-946-5515 if you have questions regarding licensing or using U of T technologies.

Licensing & Technology Opportunities

U of T is a global leader in turning research into products, services, companies and jobs. The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is your one-stop-shop to license these technologies and innovations from U of T. IPO’s team of licensing professionals make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Use our technology explorer to discover our startups, market-ready innovations, and licensing opportunities, or, contact us to discuss custom solutions.

Title Tech Opps Keywords
SanoMetrics: AI-powered sleep disease classification and health metrics from wearables Advanced Health Technologies , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Deep Learning , Data Analytics , Research Tools , Diagnostics , Software , Wearable Tech 
Toronto Data Platform: AI-Powered Annotation 3D imaging , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Automotive , Companies , Computer Graphics , Computer Vision , Data Analytics , Deep Learning , Human-Computer Interaction , Image and video processing , Neural Networks , Object Annotation , Software 
Dynamic, Pixelwise Image Sensing and Systems 3D imaging , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Cameras , Circuit design , Computer Graphics , Computer Hardware , Software , Computer Vision , Image and video processing , Semiconductors 
Novel Nematicidal Agents to Improve Crop Production Biotechnology , Health & Related Life Sciences , Crop Sciences , Nematicides 
2-Factor Biometrics Biometrics , Cybersecurity , Smartphones , Software 
A Method to Improve Memory and Mood by Inhibiting Cell-Surface Expression of Alpha 5 Subunit-Containing GABA-A Receptors Anesthesia , GABA receptor , Genetics , Learning and Memory , Pain , Protein-Protein Interactions 
A Multi-Targeting CRISPR-Cas System for Systematic and Combinatorial Genetic Perturbation Advanced Health Technologies , Drug Discovery , Functional Genomics , Gene Editing , Gene Expression , Genetics , Health & Related Life Sciences , molecular mechanisms , Pharmaceutical Research / Manufacturing , Pharmaceuticals , Research Tools 
Alternative Splicing Regulatory Network in the Treatment and Diagnosis of Autism and Neurological Disorders Autism , Gene Expression , Genetics , Neurological Disorders 
Antibacterial-Silica Self-Assembled Medical and Dental Materials Biomaterials , Companies , Dentistry , Drug Delivery , Medical Implants and Prosthetics , Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles 
Automated System for Transforming and Increasing the Intelligibility of Non-Standard Speech Audio , Human-Computer Interaction , Medical Devices , Sensory Systems & Rehabilitation , Software 


  • Market U of T technologies to industry
  • Negotiate license agreements with interested companies
  • Assist in finding partners and funding to support proof-of-concept and commercialization
  • Support long-term relationships with strategic partners that help develop early-stage discoveries into market-ready technologies and products

VPRI Contact


Jennifer Fraser

Director, Innovations
Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO)
(416) 946-5515
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