License U of T Technologies

Who is this for?

Industry and other parties interested in licensing or otherwise using University of Toronto (U of T) technologies or working with spinoff companies based on U of T intellectual property.

What do I need before I can begin?

No information is required to begin. If you have questions regarding licensing University of Toronto (U of T) technologies or working with our spinoff companies, please reach out to the Innovations & Partnerships Office: Director, Innovations at 416-946-5515.

Technology Licensing & Startup Opportunities

The University of Toronto (U of T) is a global leader in turning research into products, services, companies and jobs. The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is your one-stop-shop to license these technologies or work with spinoff companies based on U of T intellectual property (IP). IPO’s team of technology transfer professionals make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Use the Technology Explorer below to discover market-ready innovations and companies based on U of T IP or contact us to find custom solutions.

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Technology Explorer

Technology Keywords
Novel Nematicidal Agents to Improve Crop Production Biotechnology , Health & Related Life Sciences , Crop Sciences , Nematicides 
A Method to Improve Memory and Mood by Inhibiting Cell-Surface Expression of Alpha 5 Subunit-Containing GABA-A Receptors Anesthesia , GABA receptor , Genetics , Learning and Memory , Pain , Protein-Protein Interactions 
Alternative Splicing Regulatory Network in the Treatment and Diagnosis of Autism and Neurological Disorders Autism , Gene Expression , Genetics , Neurological Disorders 
An Improved CRISPR-Cas System for Systemic and Combinatorial Genome Wide Screens Advanced Health Technologies , Drug Discovery , Functional Genomics , Gene Editing , Gene Expression , Genetics , Health & Related Life Sciences , molecular mechanisms , Pharmaceutical Research / Manufacturing , Pharmaceuticals , Research Tools , Genetic interactions 
Automated System for Transforming and Increasing the Intelligibility of Non-Standard Speech Audio , Human-Computer Interaction , Medical Devices , Sensory Systems & Rehabilitation , Software 
Autoscribe: AI-Powered Voice Assistant for Clinicians Advanced Health Technologies , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Audio , Communications , Companies , Deep Learning , Health & Related Life Sciences , Human-Computer Interaction , Machine Learning , Natural Language Processing (NLP) , Patient Care , Point-of-Care , Software 
Boron Containing Bioactive Biomolecules Chemical Synthesis , Drug Discovery , Health & Related Life Sciences , Pharmaceuticals , Small Molecules , Therapeutics 
Centivizer: An Interactive, Modular Approach to Dementia Care Companies , Computer Graphics , Computer Hardware , Digital Media , Gaming , Health & Related Life Sciences , Image and video processing , Learning and Memory , Mobile Apps , Neurological Disorders , Patient Care , Smartphones , Software 
CRISPR-Based Screening Platform Technology for Drug Discovery Biotechnology , Cell Signaling , CRISPR , Drug Discovery , Functional Proteomics , Health & Related Life Sciences , Membrane Proteins , Pharmaceutical Research / Manufacturing , Protein-Protein Interactions 
Crowdsourced Indoor Localization Using WiFi and Inertial Sensors Indoor Localization , Sensors & Instrumentation , Smart Cities , Smartphones 


  • Market U of T technologies to industry
  • Support the development of startup companies
  • Negotiate license agreements with interested companies
  • Assist in finding partners and funding to support proof-of-concept and commercialization
  • Support long-term relationships with strategic partners that help develop early-stage discoveries into market-ready technologies and products

VPRI Contact


Jennifer Fraser

Director, Innovations
Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO)
(416) 946-5515